33rd Central Pennsylvania Geotechnical Conference

April 5-7, 2023
Hershey, PA

Questions about the Conference:
Casey Grzybowski

Cell: (717) 210-9395


Questions about ASCE Geo Institute:

Brad Keelor (BKeelor@ASCE.org) at ASCE

Attendees at this conference will be awarded 12 PDHs (Professional Development Hours) for attendance at the 3 day event.  These PDHs are awarded in accordance with the National Council of Examiners in Engineer and Surveying (NCEES) model law and rules; and therefore, will be acceptable for Pennsylvania PE continuing education requirements provided proper records are maintained by the licensee.  Other state registration boards may accept the PDHs.  Please contact your state for specifics.  NY PDHs require preapproval by the NYPE Board (PIE).  10 PDHs have been approved by PIE for our past conferences.

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